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Field Report: Bespoken Fall/Winter 2013

Bespoken Clothiers

NYFW barrels into another day. Once again, we traipse across the city to see it, in an indefatigable quest to keep you informed (and show you how stylish future-you could be). Hence, a series of quick-and-dirty posts on as many of the shows as we can get to.

Up next: Bespoken Clothiers.

The Background: Bespoken Clothiers is designed by a couple of buddies who met playing rock and roll—and then went and earned their Savile Row tailoring cred. You can see bits of it in this year’s show, which took place in the dark and dusty library room in the impossibly hip, downest of the downtown venues, the NoMad Hotel (in a room that seemed like a better place to meet your archnemesis than to look at clothes).

The Formula: Formula

Degree of Difficulty: High if you live in a town with less than 100,000 people; low if you go to a lot of independent film premieres.

The Showstoppers: Updated black tie, some beautiful cap-toe boots.

More looks...

Bespoken Clothiers

Bespoken Clothiers

Bespoken Clothiers

Photos courtesy of WWD