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Fashion Week Hangover #5


Shipley and Halmos

At this point, we're almost hungover from the hangover. As the our impressions of Fashion Week drift slowly into what remains of our long-term memory, we arrive at the best of the best. Nervous?

2. Band of Outsiders: Since visiting Scott Sternburg's presentation early in Fashion Week, we've been hearing mixed reviews. More than likely, though, these returns were based more on Band of Outsider's trend targeting than the quality of the clothes. The hunting motifs, plaids and English references on display were almost tired by this point. Sternburg's narrow evening jackets, tartan pants and corduroy cargo pants (yes, you read that right) were spot on, however, even if they were riding the tail end of a bell curve. The blue-plaid hunting jacket and a double-breasted vest will most likely stand the test of fad. [Men.Style]

1. Tie — Rag & Bone and Shipley & Halmos:

Okay, we know. Ties are the reason you don't watch soccer. Fashion, however, isn't a zero-sum game. The two duos on top represent cutting-edge refinement and nostalgic elegance respectively, and a dive into either collection is highly recommended. Bruised blacks and blues dominated Rag & Bone's parade of brooding, cutting designs. The last few looks, all heavily tailored, gorgeous suits were pitch perfect. Meanwhile, Messrs. Shipley & Halmos proved that they bailed out of Trovata at exactly the right time with a collection of simple, sharp separates that blend everyday looks and eveningwear seamlessly. There weren't a lot of looks at this show, but each one was whole and crisp in it's own fashion. In our closet, there's room enough for all these winners.