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Fashion Week Hangover #1


With blisters on our feet and a thousand-yard stare in our eyes, we have returned from the trenches of New York Fashion Week with a mix of expected news and intriguing surprises. Kicking away the dull, the fey and the Sean Jean, we've complied a week-long mini countdown of the top ten collections for the Kempt man (hint: that's you).

10. Tim Hamilton:

We'd never want to give you the impression that Tim Hamilton is anything less than the genuine article—a young talent with a true, original voice. That said, the Kempt man had best tread lightly through this collection of organza shorts, Autobahn-inspired jumpers and suits with sweatpant ankles. There's a lot to pick and choose here, but much of it is best viewed on others. It's inspiring stuff, but a risk to buy. [Men.Style]

9. Perry Ellis:

Practical and elegant, Perry Ellis continues to resuscitate it's once-flagging fortunes under the solid direction of John Crocco. The Scottish references, tweed jackets and a few sweaters made for several safe buys. Of course, it's still Perry Ellis, so some tack sweaters fit only for Father's Day and a general old-fogey atmosphere sank what didn't float on it's own. [Men.Style]