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Farewell to the Dandy Congressman

David Dreier

It’s a dark day for Congressional style.

Representative David Dreier (R-CA), widely considered the best-dressed Congressman in the House of Representatives, announced yesterday that he would not be seeking a 17th term in office. “After three decades on Capitol Hill,” he said jokingly on the House floor, “I am finally doing my part to improve Congress’s sorry image.”

David Dreier with Arnold Schwartzenegger“I always thought of Anwar Sadat as extraordinarily dapper and meticulous. If I have a style mentor, that’s him.”

Over the last 20 years, while seemingly every Congressman in the country was attempting to connect with average American voters by dressing averagely (navy suit, white shirt, solid tie, flag pin, bleached teeth and so on), Dreier instead followed the lead of Charlie Rangel and John Conyers and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus who believed, as we do, that the average American is an aspirational American—particularly when it comes to looking good.

And boy did these guys look good...

rangel dreier conyers

Conyers Dreier


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