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Fall Report: Crowdfunding Menswear

  • Kempt Staff

b52fcb5ecfdd7bfd1da8b9ff6fdfb9f7_largeFall is so close, we can taste it (very spiced-cider-y this year). So, in anticipation of the monumental shift in your wardrobe, leisure activities and general state-of-mind, we’re dedicating this week to preparing you for all of your upcoming autumnal endeavors...

If you haven’t heard, menswear is a boomtown right now, and the real movers and shakers are building their brands from the ground up on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Herewith, this season’s brightest crowdfunding stars:

48dfa799f6f1d59d04dfb3fcb31e4087_largeMade in Fukushima Projects


f19c43ae80aff1eb1e3ac02810e0945d_largeRoosevelt Tree Army

4d9da8c91d73598a984dbeda296f99d9_large1701 Bespoke

20130428190357-IMG_1752An Affordable Wardrobe b52fcb5ecfdd7bfd1da8b9ff6fdfb9f7_largePaleo Denim