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Everything’s Coming Up Handsome

  • Najib Benouar

The new trailer for the hotly anticipated Baz Lurhmann remake of The Great Gatsby has been tearing up the Internet today—yes, we’ve got it here—and the flashing scenes of bow ties, tweed and tossed silk shirts (they’re such beautiful shirts) read like the exclamation point on an already stylish lineup of movies for the year.

For whatever reason, we’ve noticed a steep uptick in stylish movies for 2012, and we’re looking forward to watching it all play out—beginning with Moonrise Kingdom’s fastidiously dressed-up quirkiness hitting theaters this weekend. Bond promises to make a good showing, Batman’s bound to have a tuxedo up his sleeve, Gosling’s back in Gangster Squad, we’re hearing good things about The Master, and even this week’s Anchorman 2 teaser has got our leisure-suit interests piqued. We like what we see, and we’d like to keep seeing more. (Stay classy, film industry.)

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve gathered all six of the aforementioned trailers. You might want to rest your eyes halfway.