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Everything You Need to Know About Your New Year’s Eve Bow Tie

  • Najib Benouar

One of our favorite sartorial holiday traditions is the New Year’s Eve tuxedo.

And the most important part of the look is your bow tie—sitting there, dead center, staring back at everyone, inviting them to drink in your tuxedoed-ness in full splendor. Done right, a well-chosen bow tie can make up for some overzealous peak lapels or lightly scuffed tux loafers, but the wrong one could ruin an otherwise splendid black-tie affair. The trick is to choose wisely and make it a notch different than anyone else who dare rival your penguin suit. (And by different, we mean better.)

So we’ve gone ahead and rounded up your three best bow tie options for the night of the big countdown—and thrown in a primer on how to tie them, just in case you need a refresher.

Alexander Olch Here’s the tried-and-true black satin silk. You’re not going for originality with this one, just wearing the ultimate specimen of black-tie neckwear. You will not lose.


Not only is this a departure from the standard black grosgrain—by going with a knit silk—this tie is also a deep emerald instead of black. That’s getting a leg up, twice.


This is probably the most color and pattern your formal tux can handle. It will also do nicely if you’re New Year’s-ing in the Scottish Highlands.

Once you’ve got that all sorted, here’s the only instructional bow-tie video you’ll ever need.

“How to Tie a Bow Tie” by The Hill-Side from The Hill-Side on Vimeo