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Everything You Need to Do Before Summer Ends

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


We’re stepping into the middle of August, and while summer revelry may seem at its peak, it’s threatening to slip away.

Even though we set you up with the definitive rundown of summer must-haves, we’re thinking we still have a whole slew of diversions to pack in before the month is out.

Presenting your summer bucket list:

394310_588667844484464_253229824_nGo skinny dipping.

IMG_0138Drink a michelada.

obama_youth_04-16815-20090906-20Wear a Panama hat.

Wiffle-BallPlay an old-school game of Wiffle ball.

burt lancaster & deborah kerr - from here to eternity 1953Definitely don’t forget to have a summer fling.

the-great-outdoors-stillSpend some time in The Great Outdoors.

beach-bonfireBuild a beachside bonfire.

balloon-kaboommagazine-com-560x373-1Have a water-balloon fight.

62110NWseer_5000WebAnd, of course, dress in head-to-toe seersucker.