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Everything Cool is in Japan


As you may have noticed from certain streetwear blogs, a troubling amount of the really cool stuff in the world is sold exclusively in Japan. But lately, we’re starting to suspect it’s some kind of international conspiracy.

This pack, for instance, isn’t from some obscure hermit-like artisan, or even a brand like Engineered Garments that’s trying to retain cred by letting their gear trickle out in distant markets. It’s from Fred Perry, everyone’s favorite mass-market chav. And while they’ve made some sweet shirts in their time, we didn’t think they were capable of anything like this—certainly not for under 500 bucks to boot.

If we were their brand manager, we’d put one of these in every store, and shout from the rooftops that they’ve finally found a good waxed cotton source. Instead, they dump it off in a limited run in Tokyo and leave Mother England and Her Former Colonies in the lurch.

It’s like they’re taunting us.