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Evaluating the Sweater-Vest


Let us start by saying that we’re fully aware that only one year ago, to the week, we took the extreme precautionary measure of proclaiming that there were but five occasions it was okay to wear a sweater-vest... Well, at the time there was an undoubtedly unstylish presidential hopeful’s sleeveless knittery campaigning for the position of First Sweater, so you can’t blame us for deeming such prudence necessary.

Now that some time has passed, however, we believe a reassessment is in order.

Because, A: the menswear game is in a constant state of flux. And, more importantly, B: we’ve got a hankering to invest in some core-warming knitwear of our own, and would rather not have to fear for potential sartorial backlash.

But is the risk really worth the reward? Here’s the full pro/con analysis:

PRO They’re not quite as warm as sweaters, so you won’t overheat if the temperature spikes midday.

CON They’re not quite as warm as sweaters, so you won’t be protected if the temperature dips at night.

PRO They’ve got a little bit of extra arm room for when you’re sporting a well-tailored blazer.

CON At some point, that blazer might come off.

PRO They’ll spectacularly increase your brachial mobility on the golf course, cricket pitch and tennis court.

CON If you need a sweater to play any of these sports, you should probably be playing them a little harder.

PRO Looking like Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 500 Days of Summer (see above).

CON Feeling like Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 500 Days of Summer (see below).


VERDICT Truth be told, the argument’s pretty moot. But keeping in mind that great achievements in handsomeness never come risk-free, we’ll still be giving it a shot.

Perhaps you’ll venture to join us.