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Equity and Iniquity


Agent Provocateur has been pushing the envelope with interactive promotion (with good and bad results), but they’ve finally outdone themselves. Their latest temptation is a video choose-your-own-adventure, guiding you through a mansion of decadence inhabited by a coven of scantily clad witches, a bleeding tomato, a virgin in peril, a half-nude albino and a conquistador. The goal is to save the virgin without succumbing to sexy enslavement but the real point is just to admire the scenery. As you can imagine, there’s a lot to take in.

They get points for using Giallo-style titles and grainy film stock (when was the last time you saw real film in your browser window?) as well as some over-the-top but genuinely creepy sound design. It’s definitely not safe for work. In fact, depending on your pets, it may not be safe for your apartment. The founder and consummate showman Joe Corre may finally have reached what he was looking for, a dangerous, dreamlike summation of everything Agent Provocateur stands for.

Meanwhile, Corre’s pa, punk mogul Malcolm McLaren is making yet another fuss over fake punk goods, this time accusing Corre of getting seed money for Agent Provocateur by hawking counterfeits. Oh Malcolm, when will you learn? It’s not whether the goods are for real. It’s all about the pitch.