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Enter the Machete


We’ve seen this guy’s face before—adding some authentic menace to dozens of otherwise dull action movies—but after this interview, we’re ready to call him our favorite person in Hollywood.

His name’s Danny Trejo, and over the course of a few pages he drops the following fascinating tidbits: 1) He got into the acting business as a combination boxing coach/drug counselor/armed robbery consultant. 2) Before that, he was the lightweight and welterweight champion of San Quentin. 3) Before that he robbed grocery stores for a living. Also, apparently he really liked Up in the Air.

It’s the kind of out-of-nowhere story Old Hollywood used to specialize in, but it’s good to see it can still happen in the modern age—especially when it means reminding audiences what a genuine badass looks like. Better yet, he’s about to get his first starring role in the Grindhouse-spinoff Machete, and, judging from the trailer, it should be the craziest thing in theaters all year.

At least until Hobo with a Shotgun comes out.