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Elizabeth Banks Just Loves Mother’s Day

  • Najib Benouar

And So Does GQ: To celebrate, they’ve put together a comprehensive slideshow of mothers who’ve graced their pages. A beautiful tribute. [GQ]

To Match Your Spring Socks: On the heels of our spring “ditch the wool for cotton” sock roundup, Valet gives cardigans the same treatment. Good stuff. [Valet]

Still Learning: One man’s journey back to his prep school reunion teaches him (and us in the process) that reality and menswear’s current loud-plaids-and-green-pants vision of the look don’t exactly match up. [Esquire]

Your Mother’s Day Reading: If you’ve looked at a newsstand recently, you probably gave the exposed-left-breast-ed Time cover a double take. Here’s the story behind that. [Time]