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Eight Top Hats to Consider

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


Abraham Lincoln: helluva guy. The 13th Amendment, the First Transcontinental Railroad—he brought a whole lot of good to this country.

And, as it’s his birthday, we’d like to celebrate his most noteworthy attribute, an unwavering enthusiasm for inordinately tall headwear.

Herewith, the eight top hats to consider:

0212KMT_TopHats_1Borsalino Fur Felt Top Hat

0212KMT_TopHats_2Christys’ of London Wool Felt Dressage

Picture 10529Moss Bros Top Hat

0212KMT_TopHats_4Goorin Bros. Flying Private Top Hat

0212KMT_TopHats_5Lock & Co. Hatters Silk Top Hat

0212KMT_TopHats_6Scala Formal Top Hat

0212KMT_TopHats_7DelMonico Hatter Satin Collapsible Top Hat

0212KMT_TopHats_8Brooks Brothers Silk Top Hat c. 1870