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Thanks to our friends at *GQ*, we managed to get our hands on the five-page profile of Marc Jacobs from the May issue, hitting newsstands next Tuesday.

The piece takes a closer look at Jacobs’ transformation from mop-headed shut-in to flamboyant tabloid fodder, as well as his rise to power as creative director of Louis Vuitton. Apparently his secret is ulcerative colitis, a disease that forced him into a restricted diet and ruthless exercise regimen. The piece’s best line is this bon mot: “If Ralph Lauren is a lifestyle, Marc Jacobs is an ethos.” Does that make Tom Ford a nightclub?

Other highlights include Jacobs’ bromance with his personal trainer, his nose job (to recapture the swelled look it got when he ran into a glass door), and his spongebob tattoo. The writer, *Marie Claire*’s Lucy Kaylin, also spends a few words on Jacobs’ anime obsession, which led to the Takashi Murakami collaborations that have lit up Louis Vuitton over the past few months.

In other words, while others are wondering where Jacobs is, we’ve found him.


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