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Dusting Off: The Summer Fling


Travolta and Newton-John in Grease. Swayze and Grey in Dirty Dancing. Peck and Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Hell, basically any pair of characters in Wet Hot American Summer.

With the sheer volume of steamy summer romance we find in pop culture, you’d think we’d all be bumping uglies the second the temperature peaks above 70.

It would seem that falling madly in love with a stranger was totally acceptable—as long as it began and ended within the confines of June and August, on break from school, of course. Then we’re to believe that once your mandated summer breaks are a thing of the past, so are your chances for a casually balmy two months of abbreviated love.

But we don’t think that has to be, and here’s why...

First off, let’s try to understand the science behind it all: warm weather makes people wear less clothing. And when there’s less clothing, people get, how shall we put this, excited. That’s just logic right there, and it holds true just as much today as it did when you were an undergrad. (Read: it still gets hot every summer.)

So why deny those urges, especially now that you presumably have some more—ahem—experience in that department? Sure, the easy “in” of collegiate swagger may be behind you, but don’t be a man who walks away when things get just a little bit more complicated. Rise to the occasion and figure out a way to create your own “artificial sweetener” for the warmer months.

Let us explain. Maybe it’s the pied-à-terre in the Hamptons that you and your buddies have rented for the season. Or maybe it’s that outdoor bar on the far side of town that your group of friends only stops by when the temperature goes from breezy to balmy. Regardless, the key here is meeting someone whose social schedule overlaps with yours in that one aspect alone. That way, come September, when your rental agreement expires and the temperature dips back down to indoor levels, there’s a natural back-to-school-like reason to taper things off—guaranteeing your future interaction with her will be at a minimum. Unless, of course, you meet up next year...

Run it back?