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Dusting Off: Hai Karate Cologne

Long before bikini-clad women began bestially tracking the scent of Axe body spray, before Sex Panther began working 60% of the time, every time, and even before amateur fragrance experts began critiquing colognes via homemade YouTube videos shot from their parents' basement, there was Hai Karate.

The claim: Wear too much and women (“Even your wife!”) will be sent into a violent fit of arousal.

The solution: Learn karate by consulting the enclosed self-defense instruction booklet and tape the Hai Code to the inside of your bathroom mirror.

The result: $200 million in annual sales throughout the 1970s.

And one of the most entertaining commercials of all time...

The takeaway: It’s not misogynistic if it’s self-defense.

Sweep the leg,