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Dunst As A 'Boy', In The Trench &amp Ford Gets Focused

Slam Dunst: Scott Sternberg unveils Spring ’09 for his vanity collection Boy for Band of Outsiders. Everyone’s favorite aloof, hipster blonde whines her way through the sharp but muted looks. [Trend Mill]

Waist Belt Warzone: The crucial debate of updating your trench coat, or keeping some things sacred (for the love!). [Valet]

Because We Love a Trilogy: Part three in A Continuous Lean’s Autumn Look series, wherein the Moncler puffer jacket gets a gentleman’s touch, and we get out our wallets. [ACL]

Ford Made: After four post-Gucci years, a men’s empire and the umpteenth nudie magazine profile, Tom Ford might be making good on that promise to direct a feature film [Marc Malkin]