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Dressing Alike, Ferragamo’s In-House Graphic Novel and Famous Filmmakers’ Favorite (Obscure) Films

  • Kempt Staff


Two of a Kind: For a lesson in commitment, Complex takes a look at a couple who have worn matching, or at least complementing, outfits every day... for 35 years.

Comic Con: Salvatore Ferragamo releases a limited-run pictorial documenting the meteoric rise to fame of the company’s namesake, Vivant reports.

Kicking It Off: Four Pins endorses Jack Purcells for the summer months, and examines the shoe’s corporation-jumping, cougar-toeing, bon vivant past.

Under the Radar: Famous directors—the likes of Guillermo del Toro and John Waters—recount their lesser-known movie recommendations for Flavorwire.