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Drake’s Goes Bespoke

  • Najib Benouar

Finding the ideal tie width can be a very personal thing—especially for the kind of person who wears one almost daily. Once you’ve got it nailed down, it’s something that will make or break every subsequent tie purchase—which is why many well-heeled outfits like Drake’s of London have offered the bespoke treatment to their regular in-shop customers for some time now. All that changes today—cancel the flight to London—because they’ve opened their custom tie program to anyone with an Internet connection and a discerning taste in ties. It’s all the quintessentially British fabrics you’re used to (50-ounce silk twill, grenadine, cashmere), but now you can get them in whatever length, width, lining and tipping you’d like. For some, this is revolutionary news. You’ll want to have your metric conversion table handy.