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Double or Nothing

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

We're sorry to say it, but Graydon Carter is a stubborn ass. Not eight weeks after we commended him for ditching unflatteringly-padded double-breasted suits in favor of sleek-making single-b.'s, the *Vanity Fair* editor is back enfolded in extra layers of fabric again, drawing undue attention to all those late night snacks at the Waverly.

We should say that we've never been fond of the DB *sans* tie look either. This snap, at a special screening of Carter's new Hunter S. Thompson documentary *Gonzo* the other night, shows him *in flagrante vestito* with TV titan Charlie Rose, another DB fanatic. Rose's towering height however is set off by an admirable svelteness which certain fellows might do well to emulate should they wish to continue wearing this style.

On Rose, the DB actually brings him back into proportion, but here let us pause to condemn the garment in question once again; in this weather, especially for the larger man, it's simply unsuitable unless made of some ultra-lightweight, unlined summer fabric. The unquestionable elegance of a properly-fitting double-breasted suit, even a beautiful bespoke number with the telling ticket pocket such as this, is shot to hell if one is forced to leave the buttons gaping open so as not to overheat.

In future perhaps Mr. Rose should have his tailor run up two jackets with his tropical weight suits; one the dapper double, and another equally sharp single-breasted model, ideally with a peaked lapel, to change into on warmer evenings. Lay it flat in a sturdy garment bag in the trunk of the Town Car, Chuck, there's a good fellow. It'll always be ready to hand and we won't have to encounter any more travesties like this.