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Dispatches From Lollapalooza

  • Chris LaMorte

Lindsey Gayle Evans

As you may have heard, there was a pretty big show going on in Chicago this past weekend, and we were lucky enough to have a man on the ground. After three days of untold debauchery, he returned to enlighten us on the ways of rock stars. Behold, Lollapalooza…

Prior to putting on a soon-to-be legendary rain-soaked rave to cap Lollapalooza this weekend in Chicago, electronic superstar Deadmau5 quietly milled about in the media tent.

But we missed him. We were distracted by a certain milky-white shoulder adorned with a somewhat tattered Deadmau5 sticker. We had to find out who it belonged to. So we tapped…

“Hi, I’m Deadmau5’s girlfriend,” said the woman to whom the shoulder belonged. But you may know her better simply as Miss October 2009. We soon came to know her Lindsey Gayle Evans, a spry Louisianan with a soft twang who now lives in Toronto when not on tour with Dead…er, Maus.

“Well, what do you call him?” We asked. “Deadmau5?”

“Joel, I call him Joel.”

One mystery solved. Now another” How does someone approach a Playmate at a concert? Turns out it’s just three steps:

1) “Be yourself. If you’re not emo, don’t dress emo.” 2) “Be respectful. If once you cross a line, then there’s no going back” 3) “Be clean-shaven. I don’t like guys with full-on beards.”

Then a sound from the corner: It was Maps & Atlases’ collective heart breaking.