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Dinner Jacket Détente

  • Jared Paul Stern


With the once almighty dollar laid low, America's leaders should be looking to bolster the nation's standing with the international community wherever possible. But during last week's visit to Washington by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, we were bested once again by a pesky Euro.

Both Sarkozy and George W. Bush turned out in black tie Tuesday for a big dinner at the White House, where our president was yet again found sadly lacking. While Sarkozy's smashing single-breasted peaked lapel number fit him like a second skin, our commander-in-chief's off-the-rack notched lapel job exhibited distinct signs of what cultural critic Paul Fussell calls “prole gape” betwixt collars.

Again, Sarkozy showed the proper bit of “linen” at his cuffs, while for all we know G.W. was sporting a short-sleeved shirt. And while neither world leader saw fit to employ a pocket square, Sarkozy's bowtie was noticeably nattier. Now someone please tell us why they were doing that Dean Martin—Jerry Lewis routine….