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Democracy in Action

  • Jared Paul Stern

Paul Sevigny

Photo by Patrick McMullan

Kempt Kudos to Paul Sevigny, dapper DJ brother of Chloe and proprietor of the secretly swank Beatrice Inn for turning away a shabbily-dressed patron on purely aesthetic grounds the other night. The rejectee as it turns out was Google co-founder Larry Page, who could buy and sell a city full of Beatrice Inns with his $18.5 billion. But Sevigny was acting in the grand tradition of the '21' Club, which once turned away Bill Gates for wearing sneakers.

The billionaires' crime is not being shabbily dressed *per se* as failing to do so with even a modicum of style. Sevigny has cemented his credentials among the Sartorial Brotherhood by this bold act, demonstrating the essentially democratic principle at work here; namely, that an innately stylish fellow with $20 to his name could suit up at the Salvation Army and breeze past the billionaires at the Beatrice's door.


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