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Declaring Cargo Bankruptcy

It’s time to face the ugly truth. Men are carrying too much stuff.

It came to a head with the glut of oversized bag pictorials in the most recent round of magazines, but this has been a drag on gentlemanly style for years—and no number of murse jokes is going to make it go away. We need a bold step, a moratorium, a line in the sand...

So we’re declaring cargo bankruptcy. For seven days, we won’t carry anything that doesn’t fit in our pockets.

It’s going to be hard, but it has to be done.

It goes back to the golden rule of cargo style: the less you carry, the better you look. That means a phone, a wallet and some keys, but nothing else—certainly not anything with a strap or a handle. Maybe we need to leave a spare phone charger in our desk or some loose Advil in our glove compartment, but whatever we have to do, it’ll be worth it.

The modern man is moving through life with laptops, chargers and an alarming number of hunting knives weighing him down. It’s no wonder it doesn’t all fit in a briefcase. And since it’s easier to add things to your everyday cargo than take them away, it’s too easy to end up lugging around a duffel-sized messenger bag everywhere you go, and scotching any rakish mystique you built up along the way.

Once the week’s up, we’ll take our briefcase out of the closet and return to the bag-carrying world—it’s nice to have a book handy, after all—but we can guarantee it’ll have a lot less cargo in tow, and we’ll feel a lot less sheepish about leaving it in the office overnight if we’ve got evening business to attend to.

And if anyone else wants to join us... you know what to do.