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Death by Griddle


Drug-fueled burnout has become a rock star cliché, but the original rock star’s burnout had more to do with chitlins than cocaine.

That’s the subject of James Marsh’s *The Burger and the King*, a doc about Elvis’ ultimately fatal obsession with the beef patty’s siren song.

From his impoverished, burgerless childhood to his fatback-fueled rise to fame, documentarian James Marsh covers the full span of the King’s development through food, complete with fat and calorie content.

The King never shook his Memphis-style eating habits, or even tried to. If anything, success made him hungrier. One doctor memorably puts it, “He deteriorated quite rapidly. You can’t ingest all he ingested and not deteriorate rapidly.”

The doc will premiere on April 29th as part of the IFC Center’s Stranger Than Fiction festival, but in the meantime you can catch it on YouTube, if you think you can stand the small screen and the inexplicable Swedish subtitles.

via Grub Street