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Dear in Headlights


Being men of the world, we tend not to look to Dear Abby for sartorial advice. And this week, we were reminded why.

In Wednesday’s paper (via The Cut), she took up the question of a Pennsylvania man who, as he delicately puts it, “wears skirts for comfort.” Her advice? “As long as you have the testicular fortitude and shapely enough legs to wear skirts, then you have my blessing.” Oh dear…

As The Cut points out, Marc Jacobs has been trying to make this happen for years, but to Joe in Pennsylvania, it’s nothing less than a civil rights issue. His case is as follows:

Pants are a relatively new style of clothing. For thousands of years of recorded history, men and women both wore skirts. Then women fought for and won the right to wear pants, shorts, whatever they wanted—which is great. I believe men should have the same option. My wife supports me in this.

We love a bit of history, but it’s important to live in the now, especially if you’re trying to keep your calves warm. This isn’t medieval Scotland, and in modern America male skirts are really pretty strange. Having never tried one on ourselves, we can’t speak to their comfort, but the rules are the rules, and a little discomfort is a small price to pay.

And if he isn’t careful, he’ll end up in heels.