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Day Trotters


After making their name with a hell of an album a few years back, The Walkmen have gotten a lot more low-key. They started out as O.C.-bound prepsters, but they always seemed more comfortable with drunken walks home than coke-fueled house parties.

So it’s fitting that they’d turn in an EP of Leonard Cohen covers from a ramshackle studio in the middle of Iowa.

The set of covers—courtesy of Daytrotter, one of the highlights of Iowa in general—was culled from Cohen’s dark and brilliant Songs from a Room, along with live favorite “Passing Through.” The Walkmen boys keep the arrangements light, as Cohen himself did, but add in their signature antique piano to “The Old Revolution” and a reverb-heavy guitar on “Lady Midnight,” so you’ll know it isn’t 1969 anymore.

As for the songs…some things never change.

Daytrotter Sessions