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Custom Jeans and Polos from SoHo’s Most Futuristic Tailor

  • Kempt Staff

jeans It was only a matter of time before the 3D body scanners used by futuristic tailoring houses got applied to more humble items like jeans and polo shirts. (If you weren’t aware of the magical laser-assisted fitting rooms that scan your every suit measurement in mere seconds, you are now.)

In fact, a small custom clothier in SoHo by the name of Acustom Apparel has set its sights on jeans and polo shirts, and our friends at UrbanDaddy Perks have got exclusive access to the program before anyone else. The jeans are cut from Cone Denim, naturally, and you can get as custom as you want with the fit and finishes. And the same goes for the polo. Most importantly, you can rest assured they’ll fit like a glove—or dad jeans, your call.

We for one welcome our new robot tailors.