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Coppola Family Values


First Gorbachev and Keef, and now the Coppolas. That’s right, LV has netted another one.

The Louis Vuitton Core Values campaign rolls along, this time scooping up the estimably rotund Francis Ford Coppola and his winsome daughter for yet another Annie Liebowitz shot. The core value this time around is travel, contrasted with earlier themes for Andre Agassi (a well-shaved head) and Keith Richards (healthful old age).

coppola2_crop.jpgA Still from the Shoot

Of course, the pair was too wise and serene to take actual money for the endorsement. Instead, their payment was made in the form of a donation in their name to Al Gore’s Climate Project, a foundation for environmental responsibility.

Sofia is no stranger to the fashion industry, having appeared in Juergen Teller-helmed ads for Marc Jacobs all the way back in 2002, but this is the first time she’s shown up more as a celebrity than a model. The shoot took place outside Buenos Aires, where Coppola is filming his next project, *Tetro*, following the struggles of an Italian immigrant family. Sounds familiar...

No word yet on who’ll provide their luggage.