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Come Sale Away


When a particularly good sale comes down the transom, we like to pause and take stock.

Manhattan’s Bblessing is giving up to 80% off this weekend to clear their shelves for spring. We’ve been fans for a while, and not just because of their clothes.

You might not know it from the storefront, but their film and music sections are actually as perfectly selected as the clothes. The music ranges from historically awesome albums by The Stooges and Neil Young to more recent freakouts from Burial and Boris, while the film section brings together some of art film’s greatest hits, with obscure but brilliant picks from Roman Polanski, Eric Rohmer and Wong Kar-Wai. The overall effect is like picking through the collection of an impeccably cultured friend. Which is pretty much what we want from a store of any kind.

As a bonus, New Yorkers jonesing for that golden jawbone will have a good shot at it this weekend: THECAST is having a spring cleaning sale where the blinged-out mandibles should be ripe for the picking.