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Coachella, Secret Service Shore Leave and Tom Petty's Missing Guitars


It's time for your Monday morning update, starting with a recap and two hours of Radiohead from Coachella. Also, a few good Secret Service may have been dallying with prostitutes in Colombia, and some sick bastard stole five of Tom Petty's guitars...

Here's what you may have missed this weekend:

A WEEKEND IN THE DESERT: This weekend saw nearly 75,000 people descending into the California desert for the Coachella Festival. The biggest sets came from Azealia Banks, Bon Iver and most of all, Radiohead, who put their entire two-hour set online here.

Secret Service

COLOMBIAN SHORE LEAVE: What happens in Colombia does not stay in Colombia—especially if you're in the Secret Service. 11 members of President Obama's have come under suspicion of "misconduct" in a certain prostitute-friendly Cartagena hotel last week. The President assured the public yesterday, an investigation was underway and, if the allegations were true, "I'll be angry." In related news, it looks like Hilary had a great time.


IN THE WIND: Over 100 tornados touched down in the Midwest this weekend, centered around Kansas. The death toll was comparatively low compared to past storms, in part thanks to emergency meteorology systems that gave most locals 24 hours notice that the storms were on their way. Still, there's quite a bit of digging out going on this morning.

Also, Mitt Romney might host SNL and someone stole five of Tom Petty's guitars.

Keep it sharp out there.