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Chop Shop


We know, we know—the wait at the Westside Heliport is just dreadful this time of year. You've got people to meet, roofs to land on and no patience for the scrubby little millionaires in front of you. Sure you could buy your own chopper, but the majority of the models out there have so little panache, so little character. Truly, what's the point of plunking down a hedge-fund bonus on some whirligig if it doesn't somehow speak to who you are? That's just common sense.

Well, former horse-coach outfitter Herm‚àö¬Æs has just the thing—a fully branded, fully customized EC 135 Eurocopter (the Bentley of VTOL aircraft as far as we're concerned). Naturally, the interior is bathed in calfskin and finest fabrics. On the outside, the crisp white motif with signature Herm‚àö¬Æs orange details will set you apart from the hoi polloi. Finally, a 'copter you won't be ashamed to park in your driveway. [PSFK]