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Choices, Choices


One of the highlights of Britain’s current turn in the style spotlight is the steady stream of heritage brands taking their star turn. This month, it’s Baracuta, a lightweight jacket company recently been favored by a J. Crew collab, a quasi-placement in the latest Bond flick and seemingly endless supply of good press.

Of course, a history of showing up on the shoulders of everyone from Steve McQueen to Joe Strummer doesn’t hurt.

Most of the praise is deserved, but the real trick is choosing a favorite among Baracuta’s deceptively uniform stock. The different models are only inches apart in cut…but a few inches can make all the difference. Opinions vary: Mr. Craig favors the G4, while J. Crew’s collab sticks closest to the original G9, and h(y)r collectives Ryan Willms recently swore allegiance to the slim-fit G9.

For our money, we’ll take the sharper shoulders and higher waist of the Vintage Fit Mod G10, but it all depends on how your torso’s shaped. As far as color goes, we’d go with the cranberry red made famous by James Dean…but it’s hard to go too far wrong.