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Changing of the Guard


This morning’s Style section boasted a remarkably detailed summary of something that’s been going on behind the scenes for years now: the ongoing Japanese love affair with American preppy style. ACL gets a little much-deserved love, Daiki Suzuki gushes about Thom Browne’s Japanese style, and all is right with the world.

Then we got to this sentence:

Not long ago, men scoffed at dress shorts, let alone wore them to work. Now, they are a summer norm, along with seersucker suits, ribbon belts and horn-rimmed glasses.

We should be clear: dress shorts, seersucker suits, ribbon belts and horn-rimmed glasses are nowhere close to the summer norm for most men.

We’re nit-picking a bit here, and it’s something we’re occasionally guilty of as well, but style writing tends to overlook how little the trends of the day actually impact the social mores of appropriate dress. Even within the remarkably rarefied bubble of Manhattan, a single season of runway styles isn’t going to filter down to the HR managers of the world quite as quickly as we might like.