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After getting the scoop on BBlessing's sample sale last week from Archetype Showroom and Gallery, we were hungry for more. So we set up an appointment to scout Archetype's designer lineup and look ahead to SS08. We found an impressive group of emergent and established designers, each with a passion for individuality. None aspire to the masses or to be the next Perry Ellis, they want to forge their own identities with forward visions. First up is The Cast, a gritty, rocker line that started as t-shirts and now includes suiting, jeans, tapered trousers, and leather jackets. The collection is still young and not entirely well rounded from a sales perspective, but given its following and demand, upcoming seasons will probably solve that problem.

Derrick Cruz's collection of handcrafted jewelry, Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, offers an intricate, rustic style for men that's extremely contemporary. It has a Chrome Hearts type of feel but much younger and ornate rather than chunky. Very cool stuff. Other mens designers like Fremont Apparel and Orthodox are targeting young, working men with clean but flexible and relaxed looks. There's also some big names in women's wear like H. Fredriksson and Samantha Pleet . Overall, it's a strong group that we'll check in with again very soon.