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Catch Me If You Can


The world of hipsters runs on an intricate, almost Victorian code, so it was only a matter of time before someone pulled a Barry Lyndon. And, somewhat predictably, that person was an Asian girl who pretended to work for Vice.

Ah, Brooklyn…

Kari Ferrell started out cutting a swath of check fraud across the Salt Lake City straight edge community. Then, last August, she moved to New York a few steps ahead of the law, and has apparently run cons on The Box, HBO, Vice, and a string of unfortunate young men.

It’s all laid out in a shoe leather piece in this week’s New York Observer, complete with the mind-boggling string of fake illnesses and hard-sell come-ons needed to close the deal.

Most importantly, she’s still at large, which suggests the following lesson: next time you’re at Union Pool and a cute Korean girl sends you a come-hither glance, exercise caution.