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Capsule Show New York, by the Numbers

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


Twice a year, in six cities, menswear designers, buyers, editorialists and enthusiasts flock to the tailored temple of Capsule Show. Yesterday, the leather-bound steamer trunks and garment bags arrived in droves at New York’s South Street, chock-full of new collections for SS14.

Naturally, Team Kempt hit the pavement (or, you know, carpeted warehouse) of Pier 36 in the name of trend spotting and lesson learning. With over 250 brands in attendance, we thought it best to provide a bit of a highlight reel for our loyal followers.

As such, a scientific breakdown of the scene...

3: Racks of blazers telling us printed iterations will quickly become summer must-haves.


Instantology was handsomely stocked with everything from tight selvage madras and stripes to aloha prints adorned with palm leaves, hula girls, rainbows and the like.


Southwick brought back the ’90s glory of the Fresh Prince with this gold-and-maroon number.


2: Moments of personal triumph. The first when Kirk Bray of Billykirk stopped me in my tracks to swoon and play paparazzo to the beautifully broken-in wear on my No. 234 Leather Tote.

And the second occurred in an odd/fantastic bit of role play where Jeff Halmos (of Shipley & Halmos) acted as IT, offering P.L.U. a techy workaround for locking his now-broken iPhone (J-Bone had the same unfortunate luck).

6: Brands proving surf lifestyle is still at the forefront of menswear.

Venroy and Franks were there reminding us that it all started in Australia, and that beach camouflage sometimes means head-to-toe jungle cats.


Onia, along with their sibling brand, Trunks, kept to their tailored roots and introduced a slew of new prints and lengths for summer ’14.


M.Nii repping a traditionally heritage take, as they do, were also continuing to expand their collection with printed blazers, trousers and tees.


And newcomer OurCaste out of California was showcasing a matured minimalist opinion, reminiscent of the Saturdays Surf aesthetic.

127: Our estimation of the number of guys in T-shirts, relaxed jeans and open shirts, going for a sort of a ’70s/’80s canned beer “when your dad was cool” vibe.

2: Brands we’re most looking forward to seeing hit the shelves.

First is All Around Shirt out of Korea, which has us eager for the day they grace US shores.


And S&H Athletics is promising to take the designer-sweats trend to the next level with tailored takes on classic sports-guy stuff.

The lookbooks are playing cards.


The spokesperson is Larry Bird.


11: Times we heard the term “Indigo Story.” At least. However, different from last year when Indigo acted as a recurring thesis, it’s now more of a nod from designers as a necessary staple rather than their entire opinion.

Unless we’re talking about the Indigo Showroom display, where it was in fact the entire opinion


1: John Wayne look-alikes trapped in photo watches.