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Capsule New York, by the Numbers

Every year around this time, the pantheon of fine menswear purveyors sets up shop in a warehouse deep in the hinterlands of Manhattan. And every year around this time, we trek downtown to check it out. Since most brands show clothes that won’t be available for about six months—and because the show is enormous—we decided the best thing to do was break it down, using our patented scientific formula.

Ergo, Capsule New York 2013, by the numbers:

240: Brands in attendance.

1,645,230: Our best guess, in square feet, as to the size of the space.

147: Approximate number of bearded men in knit caps and heritage denim, vying to be photographed.

2: Blocks away one can smell the cigarette smoke from the Japanese men in beautiful scarves clustered outside.

1: Stuffed grouse on the premises.

3: Steve McQueen–inspired pieces in the new Barbour collection.

2: Number of tiny Harris Tweed x Filson lunchboxes.

1: Jackets from Jardine, Rag & Bone founder Nathan Bogle’s new collection, that we briefly considered stealing.

102: Vendors who complained about Paris, jet lag due to flying in from Paris, the snow in Paris, leaving their business cards in Paris...

1: Profanity-spewing dogs courtesy of Terrapin Stationers.

3: Number of times the melancholy Swede at Stutterheim told us he just doesn’t understand why people like his raincoats so much (it’s because they’re nice).

2: Members of the adorable mother-son design team behind Golden Bear.

1: Vest collections designed by said son in his first for the brand.

72: Number of times purveyors uttered the phrase “We’re working directly with the mill.”

Lots: Quantity of waxed-cotton and wool jackets you’re going to see next fall.