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Buy/Sell/Hold: White Pants After Labor Day

  • Kempt Staff


Of course you know the old canard about not wearing white after Labor Day.

And surely you know the new one—about how that’s an old-fashioned rule that ought to be forgotten. But when it comes to your trousers, there’s still a difference between your summer and winter whites.

And to help you differentiate, we’ve put together this handy guide on what to buy now, sell/pack away or hold on to in the farther reaches of your closet:

082914_white-selvage-jeansBuy: Heavy selvage jeans in a natural shade of white, like these from Noble Denim.

082914_white-pant-labor-daySell: Anything exceedingly lightweight, linen or blindingly white.

082914_RRL-officer-chinoHold: A sturdy pair of chinos that can range in shade from ecru to sandy—used sparingly as a bright spot on an otherwise gray day this winter—like these from RRL.