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But Who Will Be the Next Ryan Gosling?

  • Najib Benouar


Just when it seemed like this was the year that would see the Return of the Gosling, he went and threw it all away.

If you haven’t heard the news: our reigning red-carpet champion has announced he’s taking a break from acting—and, consequently, the movie premiere circuit.

We understand it’s sad news—step-and-repeats everywhere have been pouring out liquor for their fallen hero—but it’s also great news for a handful of well-groomed contenders. They’ve been waiting in the wings, slowly building their résumés with promising showings of tuxedomanship, casually dapper park strolls and landing roles with the requisite indie cred. Granted, their “suit and tie shit” might not be infallible just yet, but with a few more of the right moves, they could find themselves on the cusp of greatness. But the question still remains: who will rise to the occasion? Who will be there when fights in the East Village need breaking up, or adorable dogs need companionship? Who will be the new face that launches a thousand “Hey, girl...” Tumblrs?

Naturally, we’ve got a few ideas on which stylish up-and-comers have got the chops and how they just might pull it off...

Andrew Garfield:Andrew GarfieldPros: He’s been showing promise on red carpets for some time now—and then of course there’s the added handsomeness of Emma Stone constantly at his side. Cons: He’s got the “casually dapper strolls” down pat, but we’d like to see him do a bit more in the “slicked up” department. Gosling Meter: 6 Chances: Looking good, if he turns back to the indie-er stuff on the movie front.

Armie Hammer:Armie HammerPros: Another Social Network alum turned comic-book hero, Hammer’s got the black-tie bona fides, but we’ve yet to see him step out of his Winklevossian comfort zone. Cons: He’s gone pretty mainstream with the movies lately. His indie cred needs a solid boost. Gosling Meter: 5 Chances: Not great—unless he does something incredibly-handsomely-endearingly viral soon. (Like rescuing a fluffy baby penguin and getting photographed nursing it back to health.)

Robert Pattinson: Robert PattinsonPros: His Gucci suiting as of late has been nearing Gosling-level mastery, but we’re still looking for more maturation. Cons: He’s yet to fully make the leap from boy-vampire shyness and dishevelment to full-on Interview with status. Gosling Meter: 7 Chances: If he can stay on track with the suiting and the more adventurous elephant-costarring roles, he’s a front-runner.

Liam Hemsworth: Liam HemsworthPros: Mr. Miley Cirus has been making a name for himself lately on the red carpet, and off-duty he’s been looking less and less like an Australian beach bro. Cons: He’s pretty overexposed on the paparazzi front, so we’d like to see him lay low, stop shaving, go the post-The Notebook-Gosling route for a while. Gosling Meter: 5 Chances: Decent—his penchant for dog walking could be his saving grace.

Eddie Redmayne: Eddie RedmaynePros: Strong out of the gates, Redmayne was running red-carpet clinics all over awards season, but he’s another one who we’re still not sure can hold his own, off the step-and-repeat. Cons: It’s hard to imagine Gosling ever signing on to a musical—then again, he too had humble sing-and-dance beginnings (as a Mouseketeer). Gosling Meter: 6 Chances: He’s got to toughen up the image if he’s going to have any good chance. Perhaps by taking a role that requires adopting a vaguely Long Island accent.

Garrett Hedlund: Garrett HeadlundPros: He’s got the indie cred and some rough edges, but we’ve yet to see much in the style department aside from a heavily cowboy-leaning vibe. Cons: He’s yet to star in a defining film that’s endeared him with the Internet-and-kittens crowd. It’s a tough market to crack, but Gosling did it and still somehow managed to keep his tough-guy fan base. Gosling Meter: 8 Chances: This guy looks great on paper, but that doesn’t always translate (especially on the red carpet). If he can transition into the Crazy, Stupid, Love side of things, he’s got the best shot.