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Bunny Yeager Welcomes You to Leopard Town

  • Kempt Staff

The Other Pussycat: Esquire reminds us that there’s something about the union of beautiful women and dangerous animals that brings out the suppressed zookeeper in all of us. [Esquire]

Do You Enjoy Laughing at People Fainting?: We didn’t think we did either. [WorldWideInterweb]

Ode to the White Shirt: Unionmade went and made a series of short films devoted to white button-downs—and the films are about as interesting as white button-downs. [Unionmade]

Helen Gurley Brown on Female Sexual Pleasure: If you’re wondering who to thank for those iconic naked images of Burt Reynolds, Marky Mark and Scott Brown, Salon would like to direct your attention to Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown. [Salon]