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Bunnies, Snoop Dogg and Woody Allen’s Feverish Imagination


Men of Summer: Playboy and *Mad Men* combine for the inevitable photoset. Sadly, Joan Holloway remains aloof. [Playboy]

You’re the Man Now, Dogg: Snoop Dogg expands his empire into fashion and reality television, branching out from his traditional interests in music, cameo parts, and horticulture. [TeenMusic]

The Nicest: SF’s Nice Collective politely let their Fall/Winter collection out in the world. [Selectism]

Dirty Linens: Japanese linen makes its presence felt…just in time for fall. [IHT]

Allen Wrench: Woody Allen’s production diary, complete with vividly described ménage-a-trois. Or should we say, vividly *imagined*. [NYT]