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Brunello Cucinelli Cashes In

Brunello Cucinelli

Zuckerberg gets all the attention, but the menswear scene just birthed its very own IPO. And Brunello Cucinelli is about to get even bigger.

This week, Cucinelli started the process of listing his brand on the Italian stock exchange. The result is that by May or June, a third of the company could go onto the open market, bringing roughly $175 million into the Cucinelli family coffers. It’s the first fortune made by the recent boom in Italian menswear, which has led the company to 50% growth in the past few years.

It also means the end of Cucinelli’s status as an entirely family-owned company—one step closer to the Pradas and Guccis of the world—but by our lights, Brunello’s earned a little payday. Hopefully he’ll use it to buy a few new castles.