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Brooklyn Decker is a Long Way from New York


Off the Beach: Apparently Sports Illustrated has put out an issue that’s just girls in bikinis. How long has this been going on? [Sports Illustrated]

Snow Job: Anders Johnson might be the brokest MOTH we’ve ever had. Can someone get this guy a Kickstarter account? [Associated Press]

Bucking the Trend: The Cut sits down with Mark McNairy, the loveable curmudgeon of menswear, to discuss his New Amsterdam line and the subtle appeal of the double monkstrap. [The Cut]

Building Buzz: Google Buzz just launched. Basically it’s Twitter with pictures and Foursquare-style location tagging—best if you’ve got an Android phone. But if you’d rather ready a couple thousand words of windy speculation, we’ve got that too. [TechCrunch]