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Borrowing Billy Crystal’s Style in When Harry Met Sally

  • Kempt Staff


It’s a testament to the cultural impact of When Harry Met Sally that everyone’s still talking about it 25 years later.

Not only does the movie still hold up, so does Billy Crystal’s style. From the post-college road trip hoodies to the business-casual blazer with jeans to the weekend-worthy chunky-knit Aran sweaters. They’re style notes worth cribbing.

So we’ve dug up the modern-day equivalents of his most stylish looks in the film...

072214_Billy-Crystal-Style-1The hooded sweatshirt: Ovadia & Sons

072214_Billy-Crystal-Style-2The black polo: Kent Wang

072214_Billy-Crystal-Style-3The A-2 leather bomber: Eastman Leather

072214_Billy-Crystal-Style-4The tweed sport coat: Ralph Lauren

072214_Billy-Crystal-Style-5The Aran sweater: Cottonopolis