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Born Rich


Whether it’s pools or stewardesses, we’re always curious to see the good life up close. The latest peek comes from Roger Moenks, who traversed the western world for pictures of the inheriting class in their natural habitat. The result is Inheriting Beauty, a quick tour of the ultra-rich.


The most recognizable faces are local, like this shot of Amanda Hearst, Forbes Magazine’s seventh hottest billionaire heiress. As tabloid fodder, she’s probably used to a more impromptu form of photography, but this shot makes her look positively domestic. It’s not a bad couch, either.


The old world heiresses put the East Coast to shame. This alluring shot is of Maria Buccellati, a jewelry heiress with a fine art collection and a revealing fashion sense.


Another product of old-world luxury, Olivia Chantecaille was born into the cosmetics industry, and inherited beauty in every sense. Her mother was a makeup pioneer at Estee Lauder, and Olivia has made waves with a few new ideas of her own.