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The Yoko Devereaux Boutique is at Yoko Devereaux Boutique 338 Broadway between Rodney and Keap in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 718-302-1450

Andy Salzer of Yoko Devereaux has carved out his little square of the market by pairing themes and tones familiar to Upper East Siders with a Bedford Avenue aesthetic. From tomorrow at noon and lasting until Sunday (though we don't recommend waiting that long) you'll be able to snatch some of Salzer's edgy club-room product at Beacon's Closet prices. In particular, the two-button fleece blazer will be offered up at $60 (down from $216), the cheeky black-fleece motorcycle jackets have dipped from $195 to $55 and the $69 faux-layered Ts are now a comfortable $20. Throw in a couple slugs of complementary Svedka available Wednesday Night, and, mister, you've got yourself a bargain. And a party.

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