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Bond's "Big Into" Tom

  • Jared Paul Stern

Daniel Craig in GQ

It appears that the “brutal” new James Bond is something of a prima donna. At the cover shoot for *GQ*'s December Men of the Year issue, deconstructed 007 Daniel Craig refused to wear any of the designer duds the magazine's fashion mavens picked out for him, insisting instead on a suit of his own. Having caught wind of the clothing contretemps, we asked *GQ*'s Adam Rapoport, who wrote the Craig cover story, what went down.

“Unlike some guys we shoot, Craig is passionate-and rather knowledgeable-about clothes, particularly suits,” Rapoport tells us. “He pretty much only wears bespoke these days, especially after suiting up in all those custom-made Brioni numbers in *Casino Royale*. Recently he's been big into Tom Ford's line…. He arrived at the shoot with a just-finished, never-worn Tom Ford custom suit, one that would probably run the average guy, what, $7,500? Anyway, our fashion department, meanwhile, showed up with an entire rack of beautiful suits for him to try on. Which he did, but ultimately, he felt none of them fit as nicely as his TF. And so he said, 'Thank you very much, but I'll stick with my suit.'”

Of course, as Rapoport notes, “That isn't what fashion editors expect to hear. But Craig is a strong-willed guy who gets very involved in his projects and sticks to his guns. So he wore his suit, and that's what we shot him in.” (Craig's rep did not respond to a request for comment.) Some uncharitable types might call it evidence that the powerfully-built Bond is in fact something of a pantywaist, but we say more power to him for having the brass to insist on bespoke. When we make Man of the Year we'll do the same.