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Bond Issue


We’re pretty happy with the current Bond theme, but there’s always room for improvement…

British semi-stars Joe Cornish and Adam Buxton recently recorded dueling themes for the upcoming *Quantum of Solace* as part of a “song battle,” and the results are staggering to say the least. Apparently some Brits—or at least some comedians—are none too happy with Bond’s new sensitive/brutal side.

In our favorite of the two songs, Cornish ends up waxing nostalgic for the days of Roger Moore, underwater cars and Union Jack parachutes. Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Our choice is the Cornish version, largely for the creative use of the term “man-tits.” There’s also more than a little social commentary in Cornish’s Moore nostalgia. In those days, Bond was a post-imperial gentleman, keeping the world safe without mussing his hairstyle. In other words, something we can all aspire to. The new Bond is more exciting, but we still miss the underwater car.

The Buxton version is a little lighter on social commentary, but it gets points for providing a quick summary of *Casino Royale*—useful if you need to brush up—and for finding something that rhymes with “quantum.”

No word yet on which one was declared victorious, but British readers should drop us a line if they know.